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Examples of document falsification

Document falsification is a serious matter. Someone convicted of this act could face heavy fines or years of imprisonment, possibly both. There are many ways to falsify documents. For instance, if you answer questions on a form by providing false information or use company letterhead without authorization, you could run afoul of the law. Forging a signature comes under this category as does the act of altering, concealing or destroying records.

Police accuse retailer of fraud for selling fake brand items

When you buy a Louis Vuitton handbag for your spouse on closeout for $19.00, you better check again before you get embarrassed giving a fake that's only worth $1.99! This is a serious kind of retail fraud taking place in Louisiana, according to the state's Attorney General. Officials raided a Baton Rouge clothing store recently and confiscated about 3,000 counterfeit pieces with allegedly fake labels.

Personal assistants are arrested for fraud against Medicaid

It's regrettable that unlicensed personal care assistants who take care of handicapped and elderly persons in their homes sometimes take advantage of the situation and the vulnerability of the disabled patients. A slightly different deviation occurs when these assistants engage in Medicaid fraud by trying to submit time sheets for work not performed. This is what three Louisiana women are accused of doing in connection with their Medicaid-funded jobs as personal assistants to the disabled.

Woman charged with seven counts of Medicaid fraud in Louisiana

Medicaid has recently been aggressively debated by politicians. For many people, it is an important government assistance program which they depend upon. Unfortunately, many people attempt to take advantage of the system to obtain assistance which they are not supposed to receive or to enrich themselves. There are strict laws in place which make it illegal to file false Medicaid claims. However, one woman in Louisiana has recently been charged with seven counts of Medicaid fraud and could face time in prison if convicted.

New Iberia woman indicted for Internet fraud: What's next?

Federal law enforcement officials recently announced that they have indicted a woman for operating a web-based scam in New Iberia, Louisiana. Reports indicate that the accused woman will have the opportunity to enter her plea next month, but there is no indication as to how she will proceed with her criminal defense as it relates to the Internet fraud charges.

Louisiana woman accused of Medicaid fraud

The Medicaid system is among the programs nationwide that are carefully monitored to avoid misuse and fraud. When it is believed that someone is taking advantage of the program, the consequences in Louisiana courts can be harsh. One woman who stands accused of fraud may be learning just how much so.

Louisiana woman charged with a crime: Cookie dough theft?

Many in our state who have children in elementary school know that every year kids are asked to sell products such as cookie dough or wrapping paper to their parents and neighbors in a fundraising effort for cash-strapped schools. Now, one Louisiana woman is accused of taking the cookie dough and chocolate intended for a school-related sale and re-selling the goods. The woman has been charged with a crime as a result of her alleged actions.

Fraud charges filed against 7 Louisiana residents

Seven Louisiana residents are facing criminal charges after an investigation involving both federal and state authorities. The accused, both men and women, are charged with being involved with an insurance fraud scheme. The scheme, officials say, resulted in many millions of dollars of life insurance policies being issued illegally.

Securities brokerage executive charged with fraud

Recently, a former executive for Stanford Group Co. reported that the securities brokerage firm, recently closed by U.S. regulators, had lost a minimum of $20 million before it was shut down. The former executive reported the figure during cross-examination on the fifth day of the investor fraud trial. And while the company alleges that everyone was able to withdraw their money until the Securities and Exchange Commission sued, the executive reported that at least one client -- who has a home in Lafayette, Louisiana -- was denied his right to $20 million.

Fraud task force targets Louisiana physicians

The Medicare Fraud Strike Force claims to have evidence that four Louisiana physicians wrote a large number of false prescriptions. Officials allege that this activity sustained a multi-million-dollar healthcare fraud in the Baton Rouge area. The four physicians remain licensed to practice medicine. Two of them pled guilty, and a third was convicted at a jury trial in August. The fourth doctor had previous probations regarding his medical license. He is now fighting the fraud charges.Prior to being charged with Medicare fraud, three of the targeted physicians were placed on probation for questionable prescription practices. Court and board records show that the Medicare Strike Force fraud cases are not related to the medical board's previous disciplinary actions against the physicians.

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