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Many arrested during insurance fraud crackdown

A number of independent investigations conducted by Louisiana authorities have resulted in the recent arrest of 34 individuals accused of committing insurance fraud. The arrests were made with the cooperation of the Louisiana State Police Insurance Fraud/Auto Theft Unit, the state's Department of Insurance and the Attorney General's office. Many of the cases that were under investigation centered on a type of insurance fraud known as "jump-in" auto crashes.

Trial begins in Louisiana film industry fraud case

The state of Louisiana has been actively working to develop filmmaking as a viable industry. Part of those efforts have included generous tax credits and other incentives for those who are willing to invest in building the infrastructure needed to support a thriving filmmaking community within the area. Multiple businesses and individuals have signed on for such projects, and have reaped the rewards offered. However, authorities believe that not all of these efforts have been made in good faith, and one group is being accused of fraud in connection with filmmaking tax credits in a trial currently before the court.

Guard charged with a crime after prisoner escapes

Louisiana residents have likely heard news coverage of the escape of a prisoner who is believed to be a danger to anyone with whom he comes in contact. The case has a number of unusual aspects, not the least of which is the assertion that one of the guards tasked with containing the prisoner acted to help him escape. The case has left that guard charged with a crime in connection to the escape.

Another charged with securities fraud in Shaw Group sale

Louisiana investors might have heard about an ongoing federal investigation of securities fraud based on insider trading involving the sale of The Shaw Group in 2012. Federal prosecutors have filed a federal securities fraud charge against a 10th man, the brother-in-law of a vice president at the company. He also faces a charge of securities fraud conspiracy.

Providing defense representation for sex crime charges

Many Louisiana residents fear the repercussions that could follow a rape or sexual assault allegation against them. If you are facing allegations or are under investigation for a sex crime, you may expect to be sentenced to prison or to face other penalties that could damage your reputation, your career and your family life.

What is the purpose of Louisiana registry for sex offenders?

Because the state legislature realizes that repeat offenses are significant possibilities with those who have been convicted of sex crimes or as child predators, the Sex Offender and Child Predator Registry has been developed to protect individuals through the availability of public information. Without effective information about known offenders, the efforts of law officers to investigate allegations and protect their communities can be hindered. When public safety is an issue, the registry can be important in locating and questioning possible perpetrators of crimes.

21 registered sex offenders charged for using social media

The Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations reportedly took 21 registered sex offenders into custody in Calcasieu Parish on accusation of improperly creating social networking profiles. According to the report, the authorities investigated the Internet activities of those who had registered as sex offenders for certain offenses involving minors to see if they were following rules involving social networking sites.

Louisiana psychiatrist convicted on Medicare fraud charges

A 56-year-old Baton Rouge psychiatrist was convicted of Medicare fraud Aug. 25 and will be spending seven years in prison. He has also been ordered to pay $43.5 million in restitution and forfeit all proceeds that were generated as a result of his fraudulent scheme that totaled more than $258 million. According to a Department of Justice news release, the psychiatrist had been admitting mentally ill patients for inappropriate programs, after which he would re-certify their appropriateness, allowing him to continue billing Medicare.

Louisiana detective charged with a crime, later dismissed

Recently, a local detective was arrested for attempted murder. In addition, he was also accused of committing an act of domestic violence that may have occurred between himself and an ex. After being charged with a crime, the Louisiana officer was taken off of his regular assignments and temporarily placed on desk duty.

Oil executive may require more criminal defense in court

Authorities have certain rights when investigating potential crimes. The law is designed to ensure that investigating authorities have access to accurate information. Those who intentionally mislead investigators can face serious legal consequences and can be charged with a crime. The former executive of an oil company could be forced to continue his criminal defense efforts if he is charged with obstruction of a federal investigation in Louisiana.

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