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Man charged with a crime, facing extradition

Louisiana readers have likely heard or seen media coverage of the high-profile arrest of a man accused of multiple murders as well as two lesser charges. The 71-year old man is currently being held in the Orleans Parish prison, awaiting an extradition hearing. In many cases in which an individual is charged with a crime, multiple jurisdictions are involved and the criminal defense strategy becomes more complex.

Man charged with a crime is absolved of murder by prosecutor

Reports and books abound these days regarding the high numbers of people that are wrongly accused of serious crime under our imperfect system of investigation and prosecution of crime. It is at least gratifying to see that a prosecutor in Louisiana has the integrity to admit when the wrong man has been charged with a crime. Unfortunately, the wrong man in this case spent some nine months in jail and suffered untold anguish under charges of first-degree murder while knowing that he was totally innocent of any involvement in the incident.

Criminal defense on tap in decades-old Louisiana murder case

Modern DNA technology has allowed law enforcement officials to reexamine cold cases that have sometimes been collecting dust for decades. This was recently the situation in Louisiana, when DNA testing on a 28-year-old murder case led to the arrest of a former exotic dancer and her ex-boyfriend. These individuals have been charged with multiple crimes and must now be prepared to present a thorough and experienced criminal defense for their impending trial.

2 police dead, 5 arrested in Louisiana shootout

Being accused of a serious crime is a life-changing occurrence. When that crime involves the death of a police officer, the need for a comprehensive and focused criminal defense eclipses all else. A recent incident in Louisiana has ended the lives of two sheriff's deputies and wounded two others. At the time of this report, police have taken five individuals into custody and are no longer searching for additional suspects in the case.

Suspects yet to be charged in Louisiana murder case

Louisiana residents, as well as people across America, are watching as an ongoing murder case in our state continues to unfold. A young woman is believed to have been stabbed in the chest before her body was dismembered and discarded in the Gulf of Mexico. Police have been investigating the crime since part of the woman's body washed onto a beach on June 7, but so far no one has been charged with a crime in connection with the murder. Other body parts were soon found on beaches nearby.

Man charged with a crime after family argument turns fatal

St. Tammany police say that a Louisiana man has been arrested and charged in the shooting death of his older brother. According to reports, the man was at his 23-year-old brother's St. Tammany Parish home trying to help him recover from a drug addiction. When the older brother found out that his sibling had been discussing his addiction with his wife via text, he was said to have begun trashing his home and woke up his younger brother. He also began loading a shotgun, which may have prompted the younger man to fatally shoot the victim with a handgun he had brought into the home. The younger brother now standscharged with a crime.

Criminal defense for Lil' Boosie set back, judge denies motions

Lake Charles residents may have been following the case of Torrence Hatch -- better known as rapper Lil' Boosie -- who has been accused of murdering a man in 2009 and playing a role in several other killings. During his pre-trial hearing on Nov. 29, Lil' Boosie pled guilty to several drug charges, including trying to smuggle drugs into prison. The judge sentenced the artist to eight years in jail for those charges, with credit for time already served. The judge also denied Lil' Boosie's criminal defense attorneys' motion to take the East Baton Rouge District Attorney off the murder case.Further, the judge denied the criminal defense team's request to quash a search warrant of Lil' Boosie's home, and to suppress computer evidence purportedly seized by investigators. Additionally, the judge denied the defense's attempt to subpoena the man allegedly hired by Lil' Boosie for the 2009 killing. That person testified before a grand jury, but Lil' Boosie's attorneys say the man now wants to recant his statements.

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