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Teacher accused of sex crime requests change in house arrest

A 32-year-old Louisiana teacher who was accused of being sexually involved with a 16-year-old student requested that the terms of her house arrest be reduced on Nov. 19. The woman was originally released from custody on a $200,000 bond; however, she was required to remain at home until her next court appearance.

Cop faces sex crime charges in Louisiana

Police officers usually have the best interests of the public in mind when upholding the law. They are also usually law-abiding citizens in their personal lives as well. However, police officers are also human and are therefore prone to mistakes and imperfections. This may have been the case for one police officer in Louisiana who is now facing sex crime charges.

Man faces sex crime charges related to rape, porn in Louisiana

If an individual is charged with a sex crime, a range of emotions may flood the individual and the community. Local residents may feel violated and enraged, wanting the accused person to be brought to justice. Meanwhile, the accused person may feel anxious about the outcome of the case and seek to legally defend his or her rights. In the situation of sex crime charges, the state of Louisiana carries the burden to prove that the individual truly did engage in the illegal acts that resulted in the charges.

38 sex crime charges filed against 25-year-old man

Compulsive sexual offenses can keep an individual incarcerated for lengthy periods depending on the frequency, severity and circumstances of the situation. The first thing that criminal defense counsel must do is determine whether the sex crime charges are correct and supported by substantial evidence. In Louisiana as in any other state this requires an intensive review of the facts with the accused. If a viable defense exists, then counsel will prepare for a trial or in some instances, file the appropriate motion to dismiss based on a legal infirmity that prohibits the prosecution.

Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office makes invalid sex crimes arrests

For two years the Baton Rouge Sheriff has been in a time-warp that would qualify for inclusion in the Twilight Zone. The Sheriff has been sending his men out as undercover agents to solicit gay men for 'some drinks and some fun' at a public park, and then arresting them for sex crimes if they agree. The office acted under a Louisiana anti-sodomy law that it apparently didn't know was judicially determined to be unconstitutional and unenforceable over a decade ago.

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