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Criminal defense for animal cruelty

Owning an animal as a pet can bring comfort and enjoyment into a home. One Louisiana woman enjoyed pets so much that she took in any animal that needed a home. Consequently, this brought in many animals living under her roof and also resulted in her being accused of animal cruelty. Facing these allegations can be frightening, especially if the defendant has good intentions. As she waits to appear in court, she is likely considering her criminal defense options in this case.

Criminal defense: Young man accused following mother's death

A family's dynamics can often be complicated and difficult for those who are outside of the family's circle to understand. Regardless of how obvious a family's arguments may seem, no one outside of the home is likely to fully understand the circumstances in their entirety. Unfortunately, police are working to put together a picture of an incident in Louisiana that has likely left one man wondering about his criminal defense.

Louisiana criminal defense: Arrests made after botched drug deal

Social media has significantly changed how people in Louisiana and across the world interact with one another. While it is a great tool to maintain contact with friends and loved ones who may live far away, it can have its drawbacks as well. Unfortunately, police claim that a drug deal arranged on social media has now left multiple people considering their criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Realtor charged in Louisiana beating death

It is often difficult to predict how someone might react when faced with a perceived threat. While some people might run for help, others might fight to protect themselves Regardless of the potential for someone to take action to protect him or herself, police officers in Louisiana believe that the recent death of a man was murder. It is unclear how they determined that the man charged was not acting in self-defense. The defendant in the case is likely considering his criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Louisiana man accused of attacking ex's friend

The end of a relationship can be filled with animosity and contention. Often, one or both parties may have difficulty transitioning to the next stage of their lives. However, most of this difficulty lies in the individual's emotional response to the event. Despite this, police claim that a man in Louisiana attacked his ex-girlfriend's friend at her apartment. The ex-boyfriend now faces several criminal charges and may be considering his criminal defense.

Louisiana criminal defense: Musician, partner indicted

When a person's responsibilities include managing a great deal of money, it is not out of the question that some mistakes could be made. However, some people -- including law enforcement officials -- may be quick to conclude that what was simply a mistake is actually something much more nefarious. For example, Louisiana musician, Irvin Mayfield, and his friend were recently indicted on several federal crimes and are likely considering their criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Louisiana nightclub bouncer arrested

When facing criminal charges, many people in Louisiana do not have the necessary experience to make informed decisions regarding the direction their case will take. Unfortunately, a nightclub bouncer is now likely pondering his criminal defense after his recent arrest. He is accused of impersonation of a police officer.

Criminal defense: Louisiana man accused of robbery after release

It is a rare person who has not made a mistake in his or her life. While some mistakes are more serious than others, there is always the possibility of making changes that will prevent similar mistakes from being repeated. Unfortunately, some people in Louisiana assume that those who have made certain mistakes, such as a committing a crime that led to imprisonment, are destined to repeat them. For example, a man was recently arrested just days after he was released from prison. He is now likely considering his criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Freshman charged with murder in campus shooting

For many students in Louisiana and across the country, college is a time of learning and gaining new experiences. Unfortunately, a freshman at one college has recently been arrested and is likely considering his criminal defense. Although he has been charged with murder, many of the details of the case against him are unclear.

Criminal defense: 10 charged in Louisiana fraternity death

For many people in Louisiana, college is a time of learning and experimentation. Unfortunately, in some circumstances, it can mean experimentation with alcohol in large quantities. Police say that the recent death of a fraternity pledge was due to alcohol intoxication. Ten people are now likely considering their criminal defense after police say they played a role in the man's death.

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